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Hello! My name is


Software Engineer.

Who am I?

My name is Fabian Wennink - I'm a 21-year-old software engineer from Doetinchem, The Netherlands. I currently study HBO-ICT Software Development at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Prior to my HBO study I studied MBO 4 Application Developer at the Graafschap College in Doetinchem, from which I graduated in 2014.

In my spare time I can pretty often be found in front of my computer. If I am not busy with programming or school, I'm most likely playing electric guitar, playing games with friends or watching videos on YouTube.

Here are some facts about me - who doesn't like facts?

My favorite...

  • .. music group: Metallica
  • .. guitar brand: Ibanez
  • .. game: Minecraft
  • .. gaming platform: PlayStation
  • .. TV series: Hawaii Five-0
  • .. film series: Die Hard
  • .. website: Stack Overflow (hehe)
  • .. car: Nissan GT-R
  • .. IDE: Intellij IDEA

Work experience in ICT:

INTER forward solutions - Software Engineer 2019
Dock35 Marketing, Senefelder Misset - Cross-Platform App Developer 2017
Researched cross platform mobile development environments for the renewal of the company's mobile development department.
During this, I used/tested different frameworks and APIs to create an application prototype for both Android and iOS.
DTC Media - Web Developer 2016
Created, changed and maintained various websites of companies and brands in the automotive sector.
The work varied between making small adjustments, creating new promotional pages or rebranding an entire website.
ChunkCloud Network - Founder / Software & Database Engineer 2012 - present day
Developed Java (Spigot) plugins, a website and databases for my own game servers, to bring unique features to Minecraft multiplayer.
The website includes a forum, webshop and administration panel which is directly linked to the game servers. Besides all this I'm also responsible for managing the finances/sales, administration, community management and server management.
am I
Knowledge and skills.

Over the years I've become acquainted with various different programming languages, techniques, code standards and software environments. Most of my knowledge about software development I learned on my own while working on some of my own projects.

In the overview down below you can find most of the important items from my skill set. The list is consists out of programming and mark-up languages, as well as software development techniques and patterns which I use during software development.


  • PHP
  • Java
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Python
  • TypeScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Lua
  • XAML


  • Intellij IDEA (Jetbrains products)
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • SSMS
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • FileZilla
  • Astah
  • PowerDesigner


  • Use case diagrams/models
  • Domain models
  • Design Class Diagrams
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • System Sequence Diagrams
  • Activity Diagrams
  • Conceptual Data Models
  • Physical Data Models
  • Test Cases
  • CRUD Matrices


  • Git
  • NPM
  • Maven
  • Gulp
  • Composer


  • Angular Framework
  • Ionic Framework
  • Laravel Framework
  • JAX-RS
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Unit Testing
  • Scrum/RUP
My projects.

During the past few years I've worked on all kinds of different (sized) projects - both for public and private use.

As experimenting with different programming language and platforms is a hobby of mine, there's a big variation between the kinds of projects I've worked on / currently work on; from mobile applications, to game plugins and websites.

In the overview down below I've listed some of my publicly accessible project. Want to know more about a certain project, feel free to contact me.

Project: Smart Grid - HAN
Smart Grid
Hybrid Application

The Smart Grid App is a mobile application developed for the 'Lectoraat Meet- en Regeltechniek' of the HAN University of Applied Sciences, who is working together with TU Eindhoven and Alliander on the project 'Smart Grid'.

The purpose of the hybrid application is to show the grid simulation, which runs on a physical demo model, in real-time on the screen.

Project: ChunkCloud - Minecraft Community Server
ChunkCloud Network
Website & Java plugins
200.000+ unique players

ChunkCloud Network (formerly NLGameVideosNL) is a Minecraft multiplayer community, founded by myself back in 2012.

For this network I built the website - which contains a forum, webshop and admin panel - and developed plugins which add all new (core) features to the game.

Project: Call of Duty - Gun Game plugin for GMod
Garry's Mod: Call of Duty - Gun Game
Game addon
70.000+ unique subscribers

Garry's Mod: Call of Duty - Gun Game is an addon for the game Garry's Mod and adds the gamemode 'Gun Game' of the popular First Person Shooter 'Call of Duty' to the game.

Project: Click The Dots, Windows Phone App
Click The Dots
Windows Phone App

Click The Dots is a Windows Phone 8 application. The goal of the game is click on all the dots within the given time limit.

Project: Minecraft serverlist website
Website was a website on which people could submit their Minecraft multiplayer server to recruit new players.

Project: IconCaptcha - jQuery & PHP/ASP.NET plugin
PHP & ASP.NET plugin
4.200+ downloads

IconCaptcha is a super easy to use anti-bot captcha for PHP and ASP.NET websites.

The captcha uses multiple different techniques to spot so-called bots and prevents them from programmatically sending forms.

Project: Grand Theft Auto 5 mod
Grand Theft Auto 5 - Story Mode Heists
Game addon
85.000+ downloads

Store Mode Heists is a plugin for the game Grand Theft Auto 5 and adds multiple custom made, new missions to the story line.

Project: Portfolio of Romée Wennink
Portfolio of Romée Wennink
Website is the online portfolio of my sister.

Project: Collect The Shapes, Windows Phone App
Collect The Shapes
Windows Phone App

Collect The Shapes is a Windows Phone 8 application. The goal of the game is to catch all the falling figures in time without letting one through.

Contact me.

You can easily contact me by using the form down below.

Prefer to send a direct email? Feel free to shoot me a message at