Anti-Bot IconCaptcha
jQuery & PHP - v2.4.0
IconCaptcha is a faster and more user-friendly captcha than most other captchas. You no longer have to read any annoying text-images, an IconCaptcha captcha can be completed with 1 simple click!

Besides being user-friendly, IconCaptcha is also developer-friendly. In just a few easy steps you can get the captcha up and running. Even developers new to JavaScript and PHP can easily implement IconCaptcha.

Try out the demo captcha:

What's new in version 2?

- The validation process has completely moved to the back-end.
- More advanced security checks have been added.
- Instant validation, there's no longer a 'confirmation' button.
- Regular HTML & AJAX forms are supported.
- Allows translation of messages, including error messages.
- Supports multiple (endless) captchas on one page.
- Improved design, with ability to add custom themes.
- Using 90+ flat, outlined icons.
- Supports Internet Explorer 8 and up.
...and much more!

How to install IconCaptcha?

You can find example pages in the downloaded archive.

To download IconCaptcha, click on one of the buttons down below.

This project is licensed under MIT.

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