Anti-Bot Icon Captcha
jQuery & PHP - v1.2

My custom made Icon Captcha makes the use of an anti-bot Captcha fun again! You'll no longer have to read those annoying text images. All if takes to complete this Captcha is 2 easy clicks!

Try out the demo Captcha:

How does it work?

Whenever a person loads the page, the Captcha will load a list of images from which it will pick 2 to display. Every image has multiple names, which are randomly generated to confuse bots.

One of the 2 images will be used to display the correct image, while the other one gets used to display the incorrect images. After the person clicks on an image, the 'verify' button will appear.

When the person clicks on the 'verify' button, server-side code will be executed to verify if the user did indeed click on the correct image. If so, the Captcha will show a 'success' box, else the person has to redo the Captcha.

Version 1 is outdated and no longer available. Use version 2 instead.